DeVona’s experience in the field of natural or alternative health care is both rich and
extensive.  Her interests in this area began in earnest through her own experience with
traditional medicine while overcoming a life-threatening health challenge over twenty
years ago.  After being told she may not have much longer to live and that it might be
wise to get her affairs in order, she went to the library to become educated about her
situation and to find ways she might help herself.  The result of her studies into natural
remedies and alternative health care turned out to be a spiritual awakening for her, that
ultimately saved her life.  This information led her to a natural, holistic way of life that
combines good nutrition, exercise, and a positive attitude.

As a result of these experiences, she began teaching others the same principles and
ideas that have led her to health and happiness.  DeVona has had health and nutrition
radio shows in Utah, Arizona, California and Nevada.  She also had a Cable TV talk
show in Las Vegas where these same issues were discussed.

DeVona’s experience is not limited to health and nutrition as she is a mother of five
children and grandmother of 18.  As a result, her experience as an industry insider is
also combined with real life experiences that offer her a unique perspective on dealing
with reality and the bumps and bruises it can throw our way.
Saturday Morning
from 9-11am